bet9游戏平台 Featured in INSIDE Public 会计’s  2022 Best of the Best 会计 Firms List

bet9游戏平台 Featured in INSIDE Public 会计’s 2022 Best of the Best 会计 Firms List

"Welcome to the 9-figures club, bet9游戏平台.

bet9游戏平台 & Co. LLC, based in downtown 匹兹堡, was No. 54,收入103美元.36 million, a new record and more than 9.比之前94美元的高点高出7%.18 million when it ranked 56th on IPA’s 2021 list. Prior to 2021, bet9游戏平台 was the sole local to make the ranking since 2013.

史蒂文•汤普森, 谁是施耐德唐斯的联席ceo, 还有克里斯托弗·麦克尔罗伊, said it’s especially gratifying to move up in the IPA rankings because it’s difficult to do so without an acquisition. 'Our growth continues to be fueled organically, through the introduction of new services,汤普森说. 'This past year saw a steady increase in demand for many of our consulting services, 包括风险咨询, 事务咨询, managed accounting services and technology. We also saw growth across our core practice areas: 税, 审计, consulting and wealth management services. We believe this is a validation of our market strategy, which is to offer a broad spectrum of services that our clients need — all serviced by experienced professionals. As our clients’ needs change, we’re adding services to meet those needs. We’re grateful that our clients choose bet9游戏平台 for those services.'"

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bet9游戏平台 is a top 60 independent Certified Public 会计 (CPA) firm providing accounting, 税, 审计 and business consulting services to public and private companies, not-for-profit organizations and global companies.  The firm offers Risk Advisory; Technology 咨询; Software Solutions; Personal 金融 bet9平台游戏; Retirement Plan Solutions and Corporate Finance bet9平台游戏bet9游戏平台 is the 13th-largest accounting firm in the Mid-Atlantic region and serves individuals and companies in Pennsylvania (PA), 俄亥俄州(哦), 西弗吉尼亚州(WV), 纽约(NY), 马里兰(MD), and additional states in the United States with offices in 宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡, 哥伦布, 俄亥俄州和华盛顿特区.C.

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